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News 13/01/2012

Study on active inclusion of migrants

The study on "Active inclusion of migrants" gives an expert assessment of the main trends in the situation of migrants with regard to social assistance and access to social services.

It also include an in-depth analysis of the main determinants of these trends, and a comprehensive account of the mutual interaction of migration policies and broadly defined social assistance policies.

To achieve these objectives, research along a number of dimensions and involving a broad range of available resources has been conducted. The study makes use of European Unionwide comparable micro-data (EU-SILC) to provide both descriptive and analytical assessments of how social assistance is used by migrants, relative to natives, across all European Union Member States. It also uses a purpose-made macro-level data to assess whether differences in welfare policies influence the nature of the migrants entering different countries and country-specific studies have been conducted to supplement the findings from the broader transnational level.


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