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10/10/2016 Brussels

European Platform Undeclared Work - First plenary meeting

The first plenary meeting of the European Platform tackling undeclared work took place on 10 October 2016 in Brussels.

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Start-up Work Programme 2016

The meeting mainly focused on the Work Programme 2017-2018 which builds on the start-up Work Programme 2016 that was initiated at the launch event of the Platform. The activities included

  • a study on bogus self-employment
  • a seminar on developing a holistic approach tackling undeclared work
  • a mutual assistance project to Romania
  • a national seminar in Sweden.

Two-year Work Programme

The Platform shall operate based on a 2-year work programme, setting out, inter alia, its priorities and a description of the activities. Following the launch of the Platform, a Working Group was established with the task to elaborate the draft two-year work programme.

Three priority axes of the Work Programme

The Platform's ownership is crucial in order to define the right priorities, to implement the work programme and to make the work of the Platform a success.

The Platform has commonly agreed that in line with the provisions of the legal decision the following three strategic priority axes are guiding the 2017-2018 activities:

  1. Cooperation and joint action. The Platform shall assist the Platform members/observers in order to better cooperate across borders, to benefit from being part of an EU-wide network, to develop tools that facilitate the work and support capacity building.
  2. Mutual learning. Peer learning and peer reviews will be organised in different formats such as thematic reviews, seminars or mutual assistance.
  3. Increasing knowledge. This will include the compilation of existing sources/information material and the overview of operating models/business models of enforcement bodies through surveys and studies.

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