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News 10/09/2012

Commission invites stakeholders to submit their views on the future of transnational company agreements

The European Commission published a staff working document on transnational company agreements and is inviting stakeholders to contribute to the discussion on the future of these agreements.

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The staff working document shares the results of the work carried out by an expert group in six meetings between 2008 and 2011 under the auspices of the Commission. This group, made up of experts from Member States and the EU social partners, as well as academics and researchers, representatives of European institutions and company actors and the ILO, monitored developments and exchanged good practice on transnational company agreements (TCAs).

With its new staff working document "Transnational company agreements: realising the potential of social dialogue", the Commission takes stock of expert group's work and outlines options for further steps. The Commission now invites all interested parties to share their views on the challenges and opportunities faced by TCAs and on the specific options put forward. Reactions are expected by e-mail to empl-tca@ec.europa.eu or by post, before the end of the year.


Transnational Company Agreements (TCAs) are an evolving feature of social dialogue in multinational companies. They provide for voluntary solutions agreed between the company and workers' organisations/representatives to issues such as anticipation of change and restructuring, training, mobility, health and safety at work, or equality.

TCAs have gained significance over the last decade. By early 2012, more than 200 of such agreements had been recorded, covering more than 10 million employees in multinational companies, most of them with headquarters in the EU.

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