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Directors General for Industrial Relations

The European Commission is committed to supporting the modernisation and restructuring of industrial relations in the EU.

As part of this work, the Commission has created a high level group of Directors-General for Industrial Relations drawn from all EU Member States. This group provides the Commission with help and advice either on the group’s own initiative or on request.

This cooperation is important as industrial relations are increasingly transnational and so initiatives in this field need to be taken in close cooperation between the Commission and the relevant institutions in the EU Member States.

The group’s remit is to help the Commission prepare new Community initiatives in the area of industrial relations, apply and revise the acquis communautaire in the field of labour law, as well as draw up research programmes, produce analyses, studies and publications, and develop measures to raise awareness of Community labour law.

This group also monitors the development of policies in the area of labour law and industrial relations, and facilitates the exchange of experiences and good practices in the area of individual and collective labour law.

Meetings of Directors General for Industrial Relations

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