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News 24/05/2022

Europass is now available in 30 languages including Ukrainian

The Europass platform, which allows to create a curriculum vitae that clearly presents skills and competence in all EU languages, is now available as well in Ukrainian.

Screenshot of the Ukrainan versions of the Europass website

Europass is one of the many European Commission services that have geared up to support those fleeing the war in Ukraine. A free EU service that has already more than 3.6 million users, Europass offers a set of digital tools helping them in their learning and career paths.

Ukrainians will be able to register and create their Europass account. They can:

They will also have access to information pages as well as helpful EU and national services that will assist them in finding opportunities and understanding the EU job market.

This step comes together with other EU initiatives to show support for people fleeing the war in Ukraine such as the EU skills profile tool, and many more initiatives in the area of education and access to jobs.

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