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News 23/01/2019

Updated database on transnational company agreements

The updated database on transnational company agreements gives online access to 321 texts concluded in 164 companies employing together over 9 million employees via relevant search criteria.

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Transnational company agreements result from negotiations at corporate level between management and workers' organisations covering situations located in the different countries where the European/multinational company operates or which are affected by its decisions.

These agreements deal with restructuring, reorganisation and anticipative measures, as well as with employment policy, mobility and training. They address corporate policies on health and safety at work, working conditions, equal opportunities or other issues.

The update includes a specific table with new forms of transnational agreements, such as the ‘Agreement on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh’ or the transnational initiative on living wages.

These documents count amongst the most innovative actions in developing corporate social responsibility. They are an effective tool for promoting the respect of fundamental rights in multinational companies and among their stakeholders.

This database will help fostering transparency and disseminate best practice in this area.

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