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News 28/02/2022

Commission and French Presidency join forces to fight against homelessness

Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights, and Emmanuelle Wargon, French Minister for Housing, met the ministers responsible for combating homelessness, as well as representatives of the European institutions, local and regional authorities, social partners and civil society to give new impetus to the fight against homelessness.

Homeless person begging on a busy shopping street (Brussels, Belgium)

In the continuity of the declaration adopted in Lisbon in June 2021, the 27 Member States and all the stakeholders validate an ambitious action plan. In particular, they commit themselves to carry out actions on prevention, access to housing and support for homeless people, and to support these measures with adequate funding.

The European Platform against Homelessness, initiated by the Commission and the Portuguese Presidency, will support them through a series of measures along the following lines:

  • Supporting exchanges and learning between policy makers and social actors;
  • Disseminating and promoting good practices;
  • Exploiting EU funding opportunities;
  • Better understanding the phenomenon, collecting data and reviewing progress.  


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