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News 15/12/2022

Croatia hosted the eighth EQAVET Peer review on self-assessment in initial VET

The Peer Review, which took place from 1-2 December, focused on the national model of quality assurance in initial VET in Croatia.

EQAVET Croatian Peer Review

The eighth EQAVET peer review was hosted by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (AVETAE).

Seven EQAVET Network members from Finland, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain acted as peer reviewers.

The peer review focused on the self-assessment process in Croatia’s initial vocational education and training (IVET) system. Since 2012, all IVET institutions should develop and use an internal quality assurance system based on the quality assurance cycle.

Following ten years of using self-assessment based on six areas of performance, the internal evaluation of the system has highlighted that it was time for a review based on the lessons that had been learnt.

Discussions focused on the efficiency of the self-assessment model, on the support which the AVETAE is providing in the implementation of the self-assessment process, as well as new ideas and proposals to improve the process for schools and encourage the culture of quality assurance.

Have a look at the flash report summarising the main outcomes of the discussion.

Another report with detailed feedback from the peer reviewers will be shared with the host country.

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