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News 28/06/2022

Removing barriers for persons with disabilities: European Accessibility Act must be in national law from today

The European Accessibility Act ensures that everyone has access to a range of everyday products and services.

European Accessibility Act - A key step to a Union of Equality - Union of equality, EU disability rights

Today marks the deadline for Member States to transpose the European Accessibility Act into national law. The Act delivers on the EU's commitment to break down barriers for persons with disabilities, one of its obligations as Party to the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Act ensures that everyone has access to a range of everyday products and services, including:

  • public transport
  • banking services
  • computers
  • TV
  • e-books
  • online shopping

To comply with the accessibility requirements, ATMs for example could be equipped with visual and audible signals that indicate where to insert your bank card, or where the cash comes out.

Implementation of the Accessibility Act contributes to the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030 and the Act foresees actions to support full participation of persons with disabilities in its implementation.

Companies will now have three years to make their services and products comply with the common EU accessibility requirements. This will drive innovation, ensure common standards across the EU internal market, and in turn, benefit consumers who will benefit from a wider and more inclusive offer at competitive prices.

More information can be found in the online Q&A.

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