Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

National tools for reporting undeclared work

Complaint submission tool

Website: www.mpsv.cz

E-mail: posta@mpsv.cz 

Telephone: +420 221 921 111

Postal address: MPSV, Na Poříčnim právu 1, 128 01  Praha 2 Databox: sc9aavg

Web-based tool run by the Labour Inspection Office

Tool for submission of complaints related to labour relations matters including occupational safety issues

Online tool: http://epp.suip.cz/epp/index.php 

Email: opava@suip.cz

Address: Státní úřad inspekce práce (State Labour Inspection Office), Kolářská 13, 74601 Opava, Czech Republic

Public awareness

Citizens can submit their complaints regarding all areas of tax avoidance or abuse of the tax system using individual addresses (e-mail and post) of all the offices of the tax administration.

Website: http://www.financnisprava.cz/en/financial-administration/financial-administration-bodies/tax-offices/list-of-all-tax-offices

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