Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

National tools for reporting undeclared work

General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency - form for submission of a signal on irregularity regarding the labour legislation and the State Employee Act

The Agency responsible for controlling undeclared work

Website: www.gli.government.bg/page.php?c=156

E-mail: delovodstvo@gli.government.bg

Telephone: 0700 17 670 (free number within Bulgaria)

Postal address: General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency, 3, Kniaz Al. Dondukov Blvd., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Ministry of Finance, National Revenue Agency

Website: www.nap.bg

E-mail: infocenter@nra.bg

Telephone: 0700 18 700

NRA's Call Centre from abroad: +359/2 9859 6801

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