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European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp)

What is DigComp?

We live in a digital society and it is essential that everyone is ‘digitally competent’ to access the new opportunities to learn, work, create and engage in a society which is shaped by digital technology.

The European Commission has developed DigComp: the European Digital Competence Framework as a reference framework to explain what it means to be ‘digitally competent’.

DigComp is about people. The framework does not focus on devices or software but seeks to support confident, critical and responsible use of digital technology by people.

The framework offers a comprehensive description of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people need in 5 key areas.

Using DigComp

DigComp is a free, flexible reference framework that can be adapted to support the development and understanding of digital competence in any setting.

DigComp can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • supporting policy and practice to develop digital skills
  • assessing digital skills
  • supporting training of educators, trainers and teachers to deliver digital skills
  • to design programmes and learning opportunities
  • to recognise and certify skills

DigComp can be used by employers, trainers, educators, policy-makers and any other actors interested in the development and understanding of digital competences.

Get Inspired!

Find out how others across Europe have used DigComp to support the development and understanding of digital skills, with the 'DigComp into action' user guide. The guide contains over 30 examples to inspire, enable and equip you to use DigComp to meet your needs.

View the DigComp factsheet and the DigComp brochure.

For further information, publications, research, and support material visit the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

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