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News 06/02/2018

EPIC evaluation framework presented at children’s rights conference

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) evaluation framework was presented at the Children’s Rights European Academic Network (CREAN) conference held at the Uni Bastions, Geneva, Switzerland on 18-19 January.

The EPIC platform was presented during a session on knowledge brokering and policy development. EPIC was discussed as an example of an online platform which explores and assesses evidence relating to child and family policies and practices in Europe, and disseminates information on the effectiveness of these interventions.

The presentation provided information about EPIC's evaluation framework, discussing its adherence to scientific standards of transparency and replicability and the application of the framework to child- and family-centric practices from across the EU.

The presentation concluded by demonstrating how policy-makers, academics and practitioners can engage with EPIC and the practice evaluation process.

More about the CREAN Conference

The guiding theme for this year’s conference was the impact of children’s rights education and research on policy development. The conference brought together perspectives from academia, policy-makers and professional partners.

The discussions at the bi-annual conference of the CREAN Network focused on aspects related to the adoption of a human rights approach (including a children’s rights approach) in the development of evidence-based policies.

The plenary sessions provided opportunity to discuss the use of evidence from the social sciences in decision-making and policy development, and how this in turn should influence advocacy.

The thematic round table discussions focused on issues related to

  • effective knowledge brokering,
  • the use of empirical evidence in informing policy debates and services planning and
  • the participation of children to inform policy development.

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