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News 20/11/2017

EPIC celebrates Universal Children’s Day

Today, the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) celebrates the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day.

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Helping policy makers

EPIC has produced a number of policy briefs that are written to inform policymakers about key topics in child wellbeing. Topics include:


  • the education of migrant children
  • the quality of early childhood education and care
  • the importance of inclusive education for children with special educational needs.

Moreover, EPIC’s repository of studies and reports and statistics features links to further resources and research relating to EU child and family policy.

EPIC’s database of Evidence-Based Practices also aims to share emerging, promising and best practices for children and families which are being implemented across Europe. Practices can be searched by name, topic or country. Examples include projects related to children’s involvement in decreasing the negative effects of bullying on student wellbeing at school like Kiva Antibullying Programme in Finland, or Programa Juego in Spain which was designed to support creative thinking in children.

More evidence-based practices 

Finally, the EPIC User registry provides an overview of other practices being implemented across Europe, which have not yet been evaluated. The Registry enables cross-regional learning and includes over 90 practices which can also be searched by topic or country.

If your organisation is developing or implementing child-focused practices, you can share this knowledge with other users by submitting it to EPIC.

Get involved during Universal Children’s Day

Some of EPIC’s partner organisations are devoting Universal Children’s Day to spreading the importance of children’s involvement in key decisions that will affect their lives now and in the future. You can share your own activities or follow others on social media by using the hashtags: #WorldChildrensDay and #KidsTakeOverSchools.

Relevant documents written in child-friendly language:

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