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News 28/07/2020

Updated country profiles released on EPIC

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) has released updated country profiles for each EU Member State.

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What do these country profiles cover?

The latest country profiles available on the EPIC website provide an overview of key features of child and family policies in each Member State.

In addition to national strategies and key public authorities, the profiles also include examples of EPIC practices and key Eurostat indicators relating to the policy pillars of the European Commission Recommendation of February 2013 on Investing in Children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

The profiles will be used to inform an EPIC report on trends in EU child and family policy in 2019 that will be published later in 2020.

EPIC supports Member States’ investment in children and families

EPIC also publishes a wide range of content focused on supporting child wellbeing. This includes a series of short policy memos focusing on topics relevant to child welfare aimed at policymakers, researchers and practitioners, and a collection of innovative and evidence-based practices.

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