Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

04/05/2021 Online

Dialogue with citizens on young people and the future of social Europe

Young people will have the opportunity to discuss the future of social Europe with Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights, and Ana Mendes Godinho, Portuguese Minister for Labour, Solidarity and Social Security. Registration is open until 3 May.

In this citizens' dialogue taking place a few days before the Porto Summit, participants will be able to discuss topics such as

  • access to equal opportunities
  • inclusive and high-quality education
  • acquiring skills to find jobs
  • support for career transitions
  • social protection
  • the benefits of high-quality healthcare
  • living in open and inclusive societies

The event will take place in both English and Portuguese, and participants are welcome to join the discussion in either language. The ideas and proposals shared in this dialogue will made available on the Future of Europe multilingual digital platform. EU institutions have pledged to follow up on the proposals on the platform and take action, wherever possible. 


Registrations are open until 3 May. Register here.

Registration is open to all and on a first-come, first-served basis. A maximum of 60 participants will be able to join. The event will be web streamed on social media, where you can also participate by asking questions.

Watch it online

Web streaming in English will be available on the Social Europe Twitter and Social Europe Facebook accounts.

Web streaming in Portuguese will be available on

Conference on the Future of Europe

This event is part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, a series of debates and discussions where people will be able to share their views on our common future. It is an EU initiative to give Europeans a greater say on what the EU does, and how it works for them.


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