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News 26/01/2016

Public consultation on Your First EURES job mobility scheme now open

The Commission is publishing an online open public consultation in the framework of the 'Study on the Your first EURES job (YfEJ) preparatory action and options for future EU measures on youth intra-EU labour mobility'. You can contribute to this study with your insights by filling in the online consultation.

Several young people representing different jobs: nurse, fireman, cook, painter and mechanic

The YfEJ scheme provided tailor-made recruitment, matching and job placement services to both young people aged 18-30 and employers, combined with financial support.

The study comprises both a retrospective and a prospective dimension. Under the retrospective dimension, the study will carry out the ex-post evaluation of the YFEJ mobility scheme, building on the findings of the interim evaluation. Under the prospective dimension, the study will examine potential future policy options to support youth intra-EU labour mobility.

The public consultation, published in the official EU languages, will gather insights and contributions from different stakeholders of the European Economic Area (EEA), notably

  • scheme beneficiaries or implementers,
  • labour market stakeholders
  • citizens.

The questionnaire refers both the ex-post evaluation questions and any possible future YfEJ scenarios.

It will take only a few minutes to reply to the questionnaire, which you can fill in until 22 April 2016.


In its preparatory action form (EU budget 2011-2013), a total of 15 projects have helped about 4300 young people.

The innovation of the scheme lies in the direct support provided to job seekers and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), based on simplified cost options (e.g. flat rates and lump sums).

Since 2014, YfEJ falls under the EURES axis of the EaSI (Programme for Employment and Social Innovation) framework.

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