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Webinar: EU Funding Opportunities for Apprenticeships: Erasmus+ and European Social Fund (ESF)

Jointly hosted by Maëva Roulette and Luca Pirozzi, this webinar will discuss the funding opportunities available to encourage people to take part in apprenticeships.

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This webinar will focus on the two main funding instruments for apprenticeships in Europe: Erasmus+ and the European Social Fund (ESF).

The Erasmus+ programme provides opportunities for young people and adults to acquire skills and promotes the participation of youth in society. It also helps to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, while improving the efficiency of education and training systems.

The ESF assists millions of people by helping them upgrade their skills and facilitate their integration into the labour market. In doing so, this helps combat social exclusion and poverty.

Through this webinar, you will understand how these funding instruments work and what their specific objectives and key actions targeting apprenticeships are. You will learn practical tips for a successful application and where to find relevant and updated information. Finally, the expert speakers will provide a glimpse into the future of these funds beyond 2020.

About the speakers

Maëva Roulette is a Policy Officer at the European Commission, working on the design and implementation of the European Social Fund. With 7 years’ experience of managing the coordination of the ESF, Maëva is in charge of education and skills, including apprenticeships, gender equality, performance orientation and knowledge sharing under the ESF. Prior to her work at the European Commission, she worked in Paris in an Intermediate Body of the European Social Fund in the area of lifelong learning.

Luca Pirozzi is also a Policy Officer at the European Commission, but instead works on VET, Apprenticeships and adult learning funded by Erasmus+ Programme. Luca has led the Erasmus programme for 8 years, originally focusing on Higher Education and moving into Vocational Education and Training. He has previously worked in DG Employment and Social Affairs with a focus on anti-discrimination, social inclusion and trans-nationality and innovation within the ESF. His expertise covers education and skills; equality; project management and evaluation.

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