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14/09/2017 - 15/09/2017 San Sebastian

Conference of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships in cooperation with the Basque government

The aim of the conference was to discuss how to further improve apprenticeship systems in Europe with a particular focus on taking stock of the latest developments in Spain, including the Basque country.

Conference of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships in cooperation with the Basque government

The event included a visit to Petronor, an EAFA award winning company in 2016, as well as a visit to Tknika, the Basque Centre for Investigation and Applied Innovation in VET.

The newly created European Apprentices Network members met Spanish apprentices in a joint session on "Accessibility of quality information on apprenticeships".

Target audience

The event was organised by the Basque Government in cooperation with the European Commission.

The plenary session on 14 September attracted over 400 participants from Spain, such as national and regional authorities, companies, social partners, youth organisations, Chambers and VET providers. 

A delegation of over 35 representatives from the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, as well as the European Apprentices Network which gives a voice to young apprentices, joined the event.


The European Alliance for Apprenticeships was launched in 2013 to strengthen the supply, quality, image and mobility of apprenticeships. The Alliance is part of the EU's strategy to combat youth unemployment, as apprenticeships provide a combination of learning in school and training that have proved effective in helping young people into jobs.

35 countries have made commitments on reforms and actions to strengthen apprenticeships, and 208 pledges have been signed by a wide range of stakeholders, mobilising over 700,000 apprenticeships, training and first-job offers since 2013. 11 new members joined the Alliance at the event in San Sebastian, offering more opportunities for young people in the region and across Europe. 

14/09/2017- 15/09/2017
San Sebastian

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