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Finland - Disability pension

When can I claim a disability pension?

If your ability to work decreases to the extent that you can no longer work, you can claim full disability pension (työkyvyttömyyseläke). It is payable as an earnings-related pension, national pension, or guarantee pension. If you are able to work partially, you can claim partial disability pension as an earnings-related pension.

The disability pension is generally paid after the person has received sickness benefit for a period of about a year.

What conditions do I need to meet?

You can claim the disability pension if, due to illness, injury or disability, you are unable to do your usual job or a comparable one.

Disability pension can be granted to people aged 18–62 who are part of the earnings-related pension system. In the earnings-related pension system there are four options:

  • full disability pension (täysi työkyvyttömyyseläke)
  • rehabilitation subsidy for a set period (kuntoutustuki)
  • partial disability pension (osatyökyvyttömyyseläke) and
  • partial rehabilitation subsidy (osakuntoutustuki)

You are entitled to the full pension if your ability to work has decreased by at least 3/5. You can claim partial disability pension if your ability to work has decreased by 2/5. The ability to work requirement is less strict for those over 60.

Disability pension in the national pension system can be granted to those aged 16–64 and unable to work. The pension can be either a permanent disability pension or a rehabilitation subsidy for a set period. The amount of the pension is affected by how long you have lived in Finland, other pensions, and your family relations. You can claim full disability pension if you have lived in Finland for at least 80 per cent of the time between turning 16 and your initial claim for the pension. There is no residence period requirement if you became incapacitated for work while you were 18 years old or younger and living in Finland.

If you are receiving the full disability pension and your payments are still small, you can also be paid a guaranteed pension. Guaranteed pensions are paid only to people living in Finland. In order to claim a guaranteed pension, the claimant must be claiming all other pensions to which they are entitled.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

When calculating the amount of disability pension in the earnings-related pension system, a projection is made of how the pension would have developed had the person been able to continue working until retirement age (the so-called future period). You can estimate the amount of pension you will receive by using the Pension calculator, for example.

You can find the amounts for national pensions and guaranteed pensions on Kela's website.

You can apply for a disability pension with a disability pension application form, to which you should attach a doctor's statement. You can find more information about applying for disability pension on Kela's website.

You can apply to Kela for a guaranteed pension by phone or using a paper form.

Useful forms

Application for a disability pension

If you have lived abroad, you will also need to fill in the following document

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Who should I contact?

Contact Kela's customer services, http://www.kela.fi.

You can apply for an earnings-related pension at the following address: www.tyoelake.fi/en.

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