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Finland - Moving to Finland

When you move to Finland?

When you move to Finland, your social security will be affected by whether the move is a short term move, a permanent move, or whether you're coming to Finland to work. You can find out whether you are covered by Finnish social security through Kela's e-services.

If you are a citizen of an EU country, you do not need a residence permit to live or work in Finland. If you will be residing in Finland for more than three months, you must register your right of residence.

If you are moving to Finland permanently, you will usually have the right to residence-based social security, such as national health insurance benefits and family benefits. Kela will make the decision regarding what you are entitled to. You are also entitled to public healthcare services as a municipal resident or on the basis of working in Finland.

If you are moving to Finland temporarily and you are not working in Finland, you will not usually be entitled to residence-based social security benefits.

If you are coming to Finland to work, you will be covered by the Finnish earnings-based pension system, accident insurance, and public healthcare service, starting from your first day of work. You will be entitled to many of the residence-based social security benefits managed by Kela if you will be working in Finland for at least four months, or if you move to Finland permanently.

If you are coming to Finland temporarily from another EU or EEA country or Switzerland, you will be entitled to essential healthcare with the European Health Insurance Card provided by your country of origin.

How should I proceed?

If you are in Finland for more than three months

EU citizens who plan to stay in Finland for more than three months must register their right of residence with the police. After this they can register their place of residence with their local register office. They will need to bring:

  • their passport or official photographic identity card and
  • certificate of registration of an EU national's right of residence (available from your local police station).

The local register office will enter you into the population register system of your home municipality.

If you are moving temporarily

Foreigners who intend to reside in Finland temporarily, i.e. for less than a year, can take a registration notification to their local tax office or local register office. They will then be supplied with a personal identity code.

Claiming Finnish social security

Social security managed by Kela can be applied for using Kela's e-services or using paper forms. More information about applying: http://www.kela.fi/web/en/moving-to-finland

Jargon busters

Residence-based social security: residence-based social security refers in particular to social security implemented by Kela, including child benefit, national pension, and national health insurance, and rehabilitation and disability benefits. A basis for receiving these benefits is that the person is regarded as living in Finland. Furthermore, public social and healthcare services are based on residence in a municipality.

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Know your rights

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