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In what situation can I claim?

An invalidity pension (invalidní důchod) is a form of financial support for persons who are unable to fully engage in work activities over the long-term for health reasons. Partial and full invalidity pensions were previously recognised. Only one category of benefits has existed since 2010. This is divided into three degrees depending on the severity of the person's disability.

Disability is evaluated based on the severity of the reduction in a person's ability to work. A 35% decrease in the ability to work is the threshold value. Its degrees are divided as follows:

Decrease in ability to work

Degree of disability

 35% - 49%

First degree disability

 50% - 69%

Second degree disability

 70% and higher

Third degree disability

A health and capacity to work evaluation is used to recognise disability and define its severity. Physicians in the Czech Social Security Administration's (Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení) evaluation service (posudkové služby) conduct such evaluations.

What conditions do I need to meet?

Invalidity pension

Disability is recognised if the applicant:

  • is recognised as having any degree of disability by the evaluating physician;
  • has not yet reached the age of 65;
  • does not meet the conditions for receiving a standard old-age pension;
  • has previously completed the stipulated periods of pension insurance.

An invalidity pension cannot be collected along with an old-age pension. The invalidity pension is terminated at age 65 (or retirement age if higher than 65) and the person then receives a standard old-age pension.

Eligibility for an invalidity pension is based on a required term of insurance based on:

The applicant's age

Required term of insurance

Up to age 20

Less than one year


One year


Two years


Three years


Four years

Over 28

Five years

Over 38

Ten years (alternative condition)

An applicant must have made 5 years of insurance contributions for the past 10 years prior to the disability if they are over the age of 28.

Those over 38 can be eligible if they have a minimum insurance record of at least 10 years during 20 years before becoming disabled.

The required term of insurance is waived if the applicant's disability is from an accident at work or occupational disease or if the applicant has been declared disabled since childhood.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

Invalidity pension

The pension comprises two components:

  • a basic amount;
  • a percentage amount.

The basic amount is a fixed sum (9% of average wages) and does not change with the degree of disability.

This amount is CZK 2,700 in 2018.

The percentage amount is defined individually. The calculation is relatively complicated and is performed by Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ) staff.

It is derived from the number of insured years. This includes all the years in which the applicant would have paid insurance contributions from the recognition of such disability until reaching retirement age if they had been healthy. The retirement age for childless women is used for all categories of applicants in this calculation.

The assessment base is then defined using the applicant's average wages from the age of 18 (from 1986 onwards) to the year before retirement. Older incomes are increased in order to reflect current price levels.

This is used to define the personal assessment base in which higher average earnings are decreased using a percentage.

Applicants are then attributed a percentage amount of the calculation base for every insured year:

First degree disability


Second degree disability


Third degree disability


The lowest percentage amount is CZK 770 for all degrees of disability.

The following is an example of the invalidity pension definition for a person with third degree disability (born in 1953, disability recognised in January 2014):

Insured years

44 years

Assessment base

CZK 31,352

Personal calculation base

CZK 16,548

Percentage amount

(1.5% for every insured year)

CZK 10,922

Basic amount

CZK 2,340

Invalidity pension

CZK 13,262

Online calculators are available to provide a tentative invalidity pension calculation.

Invalidity pension beneficiaries may work if their health permits. Their earnings are not restricted in any way.

Where and how to apply

Invalidity pensions are applied for in person at Czech Social Security Administration offices (pobočky České správy sociálního zabezpečení).

Czech Social Security Administration staff will calculate the pension amount based on the applicant's specific situation.

Questions can be submitted using the Czech Social Security Administration's electronic registrar.

Jargon busters

  • Disability (invalidita) is a situation in which a person's ability to work at a productive age is diminished by at least 35%.
  • The base amount (základní výměra) is a fixed portion of an invalidity pension. This amount is CZK 2,700 in 2018.
  • The percentage amount (procentní výměra) is the floating portion of the pension that is defined for every applicant individually. This amount is based on income since 1986 and the number of years of pension insurance.
  • The assessment base (vyměřovací základ) is calculated using average income since the age of 18 (from 1986 onwards). Older income is increased based on current prices.
  • The personal assessment base (osobní výpočtový základ) is the assessment base decreased by a percentage. The deductions are higher at higher levels of income. This is the basic amount used for calculating the percentage amount of an invalidity pension.

Forms you may need

An invalidity pension application is completed with Czech Social Security Administration staff.

There is no need to complete any forms in advance.

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