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In what situation can I claim?

Persons participating in the sickness insurance are entitled to sickness cash benefit (dávka v nemoci or nemocenské) when they are temporarily incapable to work or in quarantine.

Family member care benefit (podpora při ošetřování člena rodiny or ošetřovné) is paid when an insured person is unable to work because they take care of a sick member of the household or a child under 10 years because the preschool or school facility is closed.

By law employees are compulsorily insured against sickness and their employers pay their insurance contributions.

Sickness insurance is voluntary for self-employed persons (see Jargon busters). Only self-employed persons who have registered for the sickness insurance system are eligible for sickness benefits.

Old-age pensioners and invalidity pension beneficiaries are eligible for sickness and family member care benefits if they are working and thus participating in sickness insurance.

What conditions do I need to meet?

Sickness benefit

A person is eligible for sickness benefit if they:

  • are employed or self-employed in the Czech Republic;
  • pay sickness insurance contributions.

Employees are participating sickness insurance compulsory by law if their monthly income is at least CZK 2,500. Persons working on the basis of a contract for work (see Jargon buster) can only participate in sickness insurance, if the amount of their monthly earnings is more than CZK 10,000.

A person who intentionally causes their incapacity for work is not entitled to sickness benefits.

Only half the sickness benefit is paid when the insured person's incapacity to work has been caused by:

  • a brawl;
  • as a direct result of intoxication or the ingestion of psychotropic substances;
  • the commission of a crime of offence of culpable intent.

Participation in sickness insurance is voluntary for self-employed persons who, if interested, must apply to pay sickness insurance contributions themselves. Their minimum monthly insurance base is CZK 5,000.

The minimum insured term to be eligible for sickness benefits is as follows:


Eligible from the first day of employment

Self-employed persons

Eligible after the third month of paying insurance contributions

Family member care benefit

Employees who are unable to work are eligible if they are taking care of:

  • a sick member of their household;
  • a healthy child up to the age of 10 because the pre-school or school facility attended by the child is closed.

Self-employed persons and employees working on the basis of a work contract are not eligible for the family member care benefit. Likewise, employees are not eligible for the Family member care benefit if their spouse is receiving maternity benefits or the parental allowance for the child concerned. An exception is granted if the other parent is sick and cannot care for the child.

The benefits can only be claimed by one member of a household. Parents can alternate in receiving family member care benefits.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

Sickness benefit

Employees who are sick are entitled to financial support from the fourth day of their sickness. Payments are made from sickness insurance beginning on the 15th day.

Days sick


1st - 3rd day

Employees are not entitled to compensation

4th to 14th day

The employer will provide compensation for wage.

From the 15th day

Employees are entitled to sickness benefit paid from sickness insurance.

A self-employed person who pays sickness insurance is entitled to sickness benefits from the 15th day of their  incapacity to work. A self-employed person is ineligible for any financial compensation for the first 14 days.

Employees and self-employed persons can receive sickness benefits for a maximum of 380 calendar days.

Persons who fall sick during the protected period, i.e. within seven days following the end of employment, are also eligible for sickness benefits. Sickness benefits are calculated on the basis of prior income.

Calculation of sickness benefits

The sickness benefit (per calendar day) amounts to:

  • 60% of the reduced daily assessment base for the first 30 days of temporary incapacity for work or ordered quarantine,
  • 66% of the reduced daily assessment base from the 31st day to the 60th day of temporary incapacity for work or ordered quarantine and

72% of the reduced daily assessment base from the 61st day of temporary incapacity for work or ordered quarantine. The daily assessment base is calculated using the applicant's average daily earnings over the past 12 months. Amounts are reduced in the calculation of the daily assessment base if above certain thresholds:

Average daily earnings

Share included in daily assessment base

Amount Up to CZK 1000


From CZK 1000 to CZK 1,499


From CZK 1,499 to CZK 2,998


An amount over CZK 2,998

Not calculated

Example calculation of the sickness benefit for an employee

A woman has a gross salary of CZK 30,000. She is eligible for sickness benefits from the 15th day of her sickness:

Average daily earnings           (12 x CZK 30,000: 365)

CZK 986.30

Reduced assessment base        (90% of CZK 1000 )

CZK 888

Daily sickness benefit for the first 30 days       (60% of CZK 888)

CZK 533

Daily sickness benefit from the 31st day to the 60th day        (66% of CZK 888)

CZK 587

Daily sickness benefit from the 61st day        (72% of CZK 888)

CZK 640

The insured person receives the calculated benefit from the 15th day to the end of their incapacity to work or as to the day on which they officially receive an invalidity pension.

Compensation paid by the employer in the period from the fourth to the 14th day of incapacity for work is calculated in the same way as sickness benefits: 60% of reduced daily wages.

A more precise method for calculating sickness benefits are available at the Public administration portal (Portál veřejné správy) (in Czech) or other online calculators.

Family member care benefit

The daily amount of this benefit is calculated in the same way as sickness benefits. It is 60% of the daily assessment base.

Employees are eligible for this benefit from the first day they are unable to come to work due to providing such care.

The maximum term of such payment is:

  • 16 days for single parent employees who are caring for a child up to the age of 16
  • 9 daysin all other cases.

Where and how to apply

The treating physician finds the person incapable to work due to sickness and issues the Decision on temporary incapacity to work (Rozhodnutí o dočasné pracovní neschopnosti, RDPN) which consists of 5 parts. Employees transmit the third part of the RDPN to their employer to claim wage compensation from the employer.

If the incapacity for work lasts longer than 14 days, the employee has to give the employer another confirmation of the duration as well as the fourth part of the RDPN. The employer then sends this confirmation together with the fourth part of the RDPN to the District Social Security Administration (Okresní správa sociálního zabezpečení, OSSZ) competent for their place of business. OSSZ then begins paying the sickness benefit to the employee's bank account.

Self-employed persons have to transmit the fourth part of the RDPN as well as the conformation of duration directly to the District Social Security Administration at the place of business.

Employees apply for the family member care benefit in the same manner. They provide their employer with a form confirmed by a treating physician.

The exact procedure for claiming sickness benefits can be found on a specific Czech Social Security Administration website: (in Czech).

Jargon busters

  • Self-employed person (osoba samostatně výdělečně činná) is the term used for a person with income from business or other self-employment (private farmer, trade licence holder or artist).
  • A contract for work (dohoda o provedení práce) is a special form of an employment relationship between an employer and an employee. The scope of work within such contract cannot exceed 300 hours per year.
  • The daily assessment base (denní vyměřovací základ) is a decreased portion of a person's average daily wages for the purposes of defining sickness insurance benefits.

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