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Czech Republic - Housing allowance

In what situation can I claim?

If housing costs account for an excessive portion of an individual's or family's budget, they can claim housing allowance (příspěvek na bydlení) from the State.

Property owners (either in private or in cooperative form) and tenants can claim and it does not matter whether it concerns living in an apartment or a house. However, permanent residence must be registered at the given residence. The number of persons in the household and their income are taken into consideration when providing this benefit.

The form of housing is expected to match the applicant's social situation and house or flat expenses must be reasonable.

What conditions do I need to meet?

Other EU nationals may apply for this benefit. The basic condition is habitual residence in the Czech Republic. Such eligibility only applies to the applicant's registered permanent residence. All of the other persons considered a common household must be registered as well.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí) can waive this condition in justified cases.

This benefit is conditional on:

  • the family's ‘decisive’ income (rozhodný příjem);
  • the costs of housing.

Family decisive income is the sum of the incomes of all its members having permanent residence at the location concerned. Earnings as well as some social benefits, for instance child allowance and parental allowance are included in this income.

Housing costs exceeding 30% (or 35% in Prague) of family decisive income is the first eligibility condition.


Family decisive income

Housing costs to grant eligibility to apply for the benefit

CZK 30,000

More than CZK 9,000

More than CZK 10,500 in Prague

The second eligibility condition is that housing costs cannot exceed standardised costs for the specific type of housing given the location and number of persons in the residence.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs publishes the table of standardised costs for the current year.

An example for a family of three living in a rented flat in Písek:

Number of persons in the household

Decisive income

30% of decisive income

Standardised housing costs*



CZK 33,200

CZK 9,960

CZK 10,045


* This example applies to rented apartments with three tenants in cities with 10,000 to 49,999 residents in 2018. (Standardised housing costs are used for calculation only if real housing costs are higher than standardised.).

Housing costs for the purposes of this benefit are considered average costs for the previous calendar quarter. These costs include rent as well as costs for utilities, services and waste disposal.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

Housing allowance is paid monthly for as long as eligibility continues.

The amount is calculated as the difference between the standardised cost of housing and 30% (35% in Prague) of family threshold income.


Type of family

Decisive income

Standardised housing costs for the given situation in 2018

Benefit amount

Pensioner, Prague

CZK 10,500

(35% = CZK 3,675)

CZK 7, 870

7, 780 - 3,675 = CZK 4, 105

Family of 3, Brno

CZK 35,000

 (30% = CZK 10,500)

CZK 12, 176

12, 176 - 10,500 = CZK 1, 676

Family of 4, Třebíč

CZK 39,000

(30% = CZK 11,700)

CZK 14, 639

14, 639 - 11,700 = CZK 2, 939

Jargon busters

  • Standardised housing costs (normativní náklady na bydlení) are the State-defined costs for specific locations, types of housing and number of persons in a household. These costs are the basic parameter for calculating the benefit.
  • Decisive income (rozhodný příjem) is the sum of the income of all persons with permanent residence in a common household including some social benefits.

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