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Cyprus - Aggregation of insured time

In what situation can I claim?

If you do not meet the insurance conditions laid down by social insurance legislation in Cyprus in order to establish entitlement to a benefit then your periods of insurance, residency or employment in other Member States of the EU, EEA and in Switzerland (states bound by the relevant EU regulations) are aggregated with your periods of insurance in Cyprus in order to fulfil the relevant insurance conditions for entitlement to a benefit.

The aggregation of the periods of insurance, residency or employment in other Member States of the EU or EEA or in Switzerland applies to all the following benefits:

  • childbirth grant;
  • maternity allowance;
  • paternity allowance;
  • unemployment benefit;
  • sickness benefit;
  • incapacity benefit;
  • statutory pension;
  • surviving spouse’s pension;
  • orphan's benefit;
  • physical injury benefit;
  • social pension;
  • child benefit.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

If you have worked in another EU, EEA Member State or in Switzerland and you are claiming benefits Social Insurance Scheme you may be requested to submit the following:

  • a record of your insurance contributions using forms E104 and U1 which you can be obtained from the relevant social insurance institution in the country in which you worked, and submit them to the following:
    • Cyprus Social Insurance Services (E104 for sickness, maternity benefit, death grant, disability benefit  and U1/E301 for unemployment benefit);
    • Welfare Benefits Administration Service, for child benefits (E104);
    • Ministry of Health, for healthcare benefits (E104).

If you submit an application for a pension you must state if you have worked in other Member States so that the social insurance services can, if necessary, request from the relevant institution in those Member States for the periods of insurance completed there.

If it is necessary to take into account periods of insurance or residence you completed in other Member States of the EU or EEA or in Switzerland in order to establish your entitlement to a pension from Cyprus, the amount of the pension will correspond to the length of your insurance in Cyprus.

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