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Belgium - Main residence

In what situation can I claim?

The main residence is the place where you normally live, whether alone of within a family or household.

Determination of the main residence

The main residence is determined by the factual situation. It is therefore the place where you actually live for most of the year. This fact is established on the basis of various elements, and in particular:

  • the place where you go home after work;
  • the place where the children go to school;
  • energy consumption and telephone charges;
  • the usual residence of the spouse or the other members of the family.

Merely the intention of making a place the main residence is not sufficient. You must also actually live there.

Formal recognition of the main residence

Formal recognition of the main residence happens after checks have been carried out. The municipal administration defines the procedures. Generally it involves a visit by the district officer, who checks whether you actually live at the address provided.

Consequences of formal recognition

If your main residence is in a particular municipality and the checks show that it is indeed your main residence you are then entered into the population register of that municipality.

As a general rule you must have established your main residence in Belgium in order to benefit from the social security benefits in that country.

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