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News 17/05/2019

The future of benchlearning - Informal heads of PES meeting

Following the philosophy of benchlearning – the plan-do-check-act cycle – improving Network activities and the benchlearning exercise itself is high on the Heads of PES agenda. The Spanish board member invited heads of PES to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of current activities and look at the path ahead on 13 May in Madrid.

On 13 May, a third informal meeting took place on benchlearning as a key initiative of the PES Network. Benchlearning is an exercise which is intense in both time and energy. However, it pays off, as showed by the commitment of the PES managers attending the meeting in Madrid.

The Spanish State Public Employment Service (SEPE) aims to address the challenges and opportunities that will come up in the new benchlearning assessment cycle. SEPE, on behalf of the national employment system, highly engages in benchlearning and appreciates and promotes exchanging good practices and learning from each other in the PES Network. Thereby SEPE also acknowledges the support by the EU Commission.

Together, heads of PES discussed the following questions:

  • Does the current model of excellence meet future needs, and can it be further developed?
  • Which are the most effective learning formats and methods?
  • What are the strong and weak points of the newly introduced learning dialogues?
  • How to better demonstrate the added value of PES through benchlearning?
  • How to go ahead with the third round of PES assessments in 2020 and 2021?

Heads of PES agreed on continuing with benchlearning and its core elements such as the peer PES assessments. Ideas on further improving have been shared, for example promoting staff exchange between PES as a learning activity. Learning dialogues, being a powerful tool for implementing action, should better meet individual PES' needs.

PES will further work on how to demonstrate their success towards stakeholders. A follow-up discussion will take place during the upcoming Board meeting in June in Bucharest.

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