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News 04/06/2021

Hear about the Greek PES’ massive progress in digitalisation in the latest episode of PESPod

Learn how the Greek PES (OAED) turned the recent Covid crisis into an opportunity for major digital transformation – managing to avoid an increase in the employment rate during the pandemic. All in episode 5 of PESPod – the podcast of the European PES Network!

In episode 5 of PESPod, regular host David Poyser is joined by Spiros Protopsaltis, Governor of the Greek Public Employment Service (OAED) to discuss the impressive digital transformation of the Greek PES – subject of a recent PES Network Mutual Assistance Project.

Hear how in response to the COVID crisis: “We accomplished in one year, more than we had accomplished in six or seven years in terms of digitalisation.” Understand also the practical steps taken including creation of 100% online processes for registering as unemployed and applying for unemployment benefits and a new smartphone App.

Find out about how OAED adapted its Active Labour Market Policies to deliver a “simplified, more focused programme” during the pandemic and also about the Greek PES’ ground-breaking partnerships with technology giants such as Amazon and Google to provide state-of-the-art digital skills training.

Also listen out for several of Spiros’ personal views and experiences, including on the important role of PES in supporting social cohesion, his passion for the European PES Network and his fascinating experiences in the Obama White House in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis!


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