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News 19/04/2021

The Power of PES Partnerships: a new animated video

Watch the PES Network’s latest video to understand how working in partnership can help public employment services (PES) to address the challenges of modern labour markets.

This animated video, which includes quotes from Commissioner Nicolas Schmit and several heads of PES, highlights the importance of partnerships for public employment services and other stakeholders, giving an insight into how they can help to improve services and labour market functioning.

This topic is high on the PES Network’s agenda, with a 2020 working group and the 2021 Stakeholder conference both dedicated to understanding the growing importance of partnerships in addressing the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis and the wider challenges of modern labour markets.

The video also gives an introduction to the four types of partnerships identified in the published outcomes of the working group:

  • agile partnerships, which are flexible agreements designed to deliver quick solutions while evolving over time;
  • subcontracted partnerships, which can help to resolve complex issues by outsourcing tasks to specialised experts;
  • co-constructed partnerships, in which PES and their clients work together hand-in-hand, using customer insights to build better services; and
  • supportive partnerships, which are open networks in which partners retain autonomy while sharing common ideas and goals.

Watch the video to find out more, and join us at the 2021 PES Network Stakeholder Conference to see how you can play your part.

If you're curious to learn more about how the PES Network works, watch our video explainer to find out.

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