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News 15/09/2020

The PES Network shares national lessons on COVID-19 recovery

A PES Network mutual learning event on 8 September 2020 showed how adaptable and responsive European networking can be for dealing with the most pressing issues affecting national Public Employment Services (PES).

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Through the presentation and exploration of specific national examples, this online webinar – aimed at PES across Europe – explored new service delivery models and structural reforms in the face of the unfolding crisis.

The importance and relevance of this topic for PES Network members was reflected in the 263 participants that the webinar attracted. Beyond PES, the event attracted and benefited from the participation of a broad range of organisations, including research institutes and public, private, national and international bodies.

The success of this type of networking response is shown by the increase in participant numbers enjoyed since the first 2020 webinar on 27 February which had 113 participants.

Participants asked many questions and commented enthusiastically in the chat, highlighting the interest and relevance of presentations. All agreed that such exchanges help national PES to feel less alone in dealing with their current challenges.

The webinar particularly showcased both the value and practical application of enhanced digital and online support services to ensure that PES can continue to provide jobseekers and employers with the support they need – both in situations where physical meetings are no longer possible and beyond the current crisis.

Exchanges highlighted that many PES are investing in such remote and digital counselling and support services, whilst recognising the importance of maintaining physical services to meet the needs of clients with insufficient digital skills.

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