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News 26/09/2018

Have your say on the enhanced cooperation between Public Employment Services

The Commission has launched a new public consultation and you are invited to express your opinion.

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This public consultation on the implementation of the 2014 Decision on enhanced cooperation between European Public Employment Services (PES) is intended to contribute to the Europe 2020 strategic objective of promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and to the implementation of relevant EU policies.

The consultation will contribute to an evaluation, which seeks to shed light on the possible cooperation between European Public Employment Services post-2020 and the Commission's role herein and therefore aims to gather information on:  

  • the current PES context, challenges and key areas for improvement,
  • the importance, relevance and coherence of the cooperation between PES, facilitated through the PES Network,
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of the PES Network with regards to improvements of PES operations and
  • the role of European Union action in helping to strengthen PES cooperation and support for different PES. 

All interested parties are invited to share their views via the dedicated EU consultation portal until 13 December 2018. This includes citizens, research and academia stakeholders, civil society organisations working with job seekers or on the issue of unemployment/employment services, social partners, employment and social services providers, and public authorities at all levels.

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