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News 07/12/2020

EPIC publishes research note showcasing practices on anti-bullying

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) has published a research note featuring the practices promoting anti-bullying that are listed on the EPIC practice repository.

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The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) collects and disseminates innovative and evidence-based practices that have a positive impact on children and families in the European Union. The practice repository currently hosts more than 200 practices that are aimed at addressing various issues on child and family policy across EU Member States.

The new research note showcases practices from our repository that include anti-bullying interventions and aims to facilitate learning and inspire discussions on what can be done to prevent and address bullying amongst children.

Practices highlighted in the research note include the KiVa Antibullying Programme, an evaluation of which showed positive impacts on reducing children’s anxiety and depression, and the Curriculum-based Anti-bullying Programme, which has had an impact on encouraging children witnessing bullying to feel more confident to intervene.

Research has demonstrated the consequences of bullying on children’s short- and long-term physical and mental wellbeing can be severe and continue to adulthood. Studies have shown that children experiencing bullying are more likely to struggle at school and to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. Due to the link between educational attainment and levels of income later in life, the economic impacts of bullying can also be long-lasting. More research is needed to understand what kind of interventions work best in reducing bullying.

EPIC supports Member States’ investment in children and families

EPIC publishes reports  focusing on topics relevant to child welfare aimed at policymakers, researchers and practitioners. Previous policy memos have focused on inclusion in early childhood education and care (ECEC) and housing conditions experienced by children across the European Union.

EPIC also publishes a wide range of content focused on supporting child wellbeing, and a collection of innovative and evidence-based practices.

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