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Aktuelles 08/09/2008

European Works Councils: statement by Commissioner Špidla

Commissioner Vladimír Špidla welcomes the 'joint advice' of the European Social Partners (ETUC and the European employers (BUSINESSEUROPE, CEEP, UEAPME) on 29 August on a revision of the European Works Council Directive (94/45/EEC)).

European Works Councils: statement by Commissioner Špidla

The basis for their joint advice is the Commission's proposal of 2 July.

Commissioner Špidla said: "I welcome the constructive discussions and fruitful dialogue between the social partners on the European Works Councils Directive which started after the Informal Employment and Social Affairs Council in Chantilly on 11 July.

I am convinced that a revised directive will translate into a better functioning of European Works Councils and make them more efficient. This will serve the interests of the workers and the employers alike.

I call on the European Parliament and the Council to take up this constructive approach and adopt the recast directive with the suggestions of the social partners in the coming months under the French Presidency."

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