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News 25/09/2017

Peer Review on ‘Joint operation groups between public agencies – an effective tool to prevent and tackle undeclared work’, Oslo, Norway, 25-26 September 2017

In some sectors undeclared work has increasingly become a challenge. Individuals and businesses that systematically breach legislation have a disruptive effect on all working life. Social fraud, violation of tax regulation and other forms of irregular activities are ever more organised and often contain cross-border elements. Cooperation between national public agencies and across borders is necessary to combat the proliferation of undeclared work.

This Peer Review presented the Norwegian experience with joint operation groups. It focused on how cooperation between public agencies at national level can systematically be developed through a mix of a high-level political strategy, inputs from social partners and local initiatives from inspectors and other employees in the different agencies. The event presented an opportunity for national and independent experts to exchange experiences on how cooperation between agencies can be organised and accomplished, what the obstacles are and how these can be overcome.

The event was hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and is organised under the Mutual Learning Programme. The Peer Review was attended by the following countries: the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden and Romania.

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