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News 07/12/2015

Reforms in Danish unemployment insurance schemes and the Dutch Social Housing System

Two new Flash Reports prepared by the European Social policy Network (ESPN) are now available and provide information on reforms in the Danish unemployment insurance scheme and the Dutch Social Housing reform in light of the refugee crisis.

  • A reform of the unemployment insurance scheme proposed by the Unemployment Insurance Commission was adopted by the Danish Parliament in October 2015. A number of new elements will make the scheme more secure and flexible for the insured as well as easier to understand and to administer. The reform is expected to reduce the number of people exhausting the benefit period. 
  • Recent policy measures in the Netherlands have reduced the ability of housing associations to expand the supply of social housing. The pressure on the Dutch social housing system has been further aggravated by the arrival of asylum seekers making the waiting lists even longer. Radical measures have been tabled to address this situation.

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