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News 07/09/2020

August 2020 developments in child and family policy in EU member states

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) presents a round-up of the latest developments in child and family policy in EU member states in August 2020.

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Each piece of news contains a link to the original source, which may be in a language other than English. In most cases, they are press releases from the relevant ministries.

Denmark: Recommendations to support vulnerable children

From the 01 September, the Danish parliament (Folketing) will invest DKK 80 million (approximately €10,700) to implement 16 new recommendations in Greenland.

The aim of these recommendations is to support and protect vulnerable children and young people from assaults and abuses, by ensuring early interventions and legal advices.  

Germany: Additional support for children's hospices during COVID-19 crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis made the situation for families with terminally ill children more difficult, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs (Bundesministerium für Familie) supported them by allocating €100,000 to the German Children's Hospice Association and the Federal Association of Children's Hospices.

This amount can be used until the end of 2020 to set up online services and new platforms for support and information exchange.

Latvia: Campaign to support return to school

The National Child Rights Protection Inspectorate’s (Valsts bērnu tiesību aizsardzības inspekcijas) Hotline 11611 has launched the "Back to School" campaign. The campaign invites children and parents to call the phoneline for professional psychological counselling.

The Hotline 116111 is an anonymous free phoneline that aims to provide assistance on issues related to the start of the new school year.

Lithuania: Free lunch for all pre-school children

Since the beginning of 2020, pre-schools have provided a free lunch to children from disadvantaged families. The Ministry of Social Security and Labour (Lietuvos Respublikos socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerija) has now proposed to expand the free lunch scheme to all pre-school children.

This proposal will be implemented from 1 September 2020, with the aim of helping children to develop healthier eating habits and to prevent the stigmatisation of children from disadvantaged families.

Slovakia: Campaign to raise awareness of violence against children

The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (Ministerstvo Práce, Aociálnych Vecí a Rodiny), together with the National Coordination Centre for Tackling Violence Against Children, has launched a campaign to raise awareness of violence against children.

The focus of this campaign is to highlight the risks for children in the digital space, including cyberbullying, anonymous emails, and harassment via text messages.

European Union: Launch of consultation on the European Child Guarantee

The Child Guarantee is meant to address the challenge of poverty and social exclusion among children in the EU. A consultation on the initiative will run until the 7 October 2020.

This consultation aims to collect stakeholders’ views on where EU action could add value and identify the main challenges as regards the wellbeing of disadvantaged children.

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