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News 16/12/2019

Fairness and solidarity: what Europeans think - Research seminar

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team welcomes researchers, analysts and policy-makers to discuss the latest empirical research on perceptions of fairness and solidarity in the EU.

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This seminar will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels, on Wednesday 15 January 2020 (11:30-17:10).

Focus of the seminar

Social statistics indicate that Europeans live longer, healthier and more prosperous lives today than ever before. International comparisons also show a high level of individual and social protection. For many around the world, Europe remains a beacon of economic and social development.

Yet, large-scale surveys and qualitative studies do not always corroborate these assertions:

  • Not everyone has experienced similar improvements
  • Income and wealth inequalities are rising in some parts of Europe
  • Some fear that they will enjoy fewer opportunities than their parents

Recent Eurostat data show that 39% of Europeans believe that they are not treated fairly and 42% do not agree that they have equal opportunities in life.

The aim of our next seminar will be to explore this discrepancy.

Speakers and presentations

  • Andrew Clark (London School of Economics and Political Science): Fairness, Status and Intergenerational Mobility in Europe
  • Emanuele Ciani and Thomas Manfredi (OECD): Do we agree on our differences? A cross-county perspective on the perceptions of inequality         
  • Julia Włodarczyk (University of Economics in Katowice): Determinants of subjective well-being in European regions: fairness of income and relative deprivation     
  • Marcello Natili (University of Milan): Perceived fairness of the EU and public support for the integration process
  • Evgenia Passari (University of Paris-Dauphine): A European crisis in institutional trust, beliefs and perceptions of well-being
  • Theresa Kuhn and Francesco Nicoli (University of Amsterdam): The impact of policy design on public support for European-level Unemployment Risk Sharing: Evidence from a Multi-country Survey Experiment

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How to register

There is a waiting list for this seminar. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the waiting list. Subject to cancellations, new tickets will be released until around 24 hours before the seminar.

No streaming is available, but all presentations and a summary of the seminar will be made available on this page.

The SSM seminar series

SSM seminars are research seminars. Their aim is to provide a forum to discuss the theoretical, methodological and policy implications of the latest economic and social research. More specifically, SSM seminars aim to inform

  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission in general, and the Commission’s Employment and Social Developments in Europe review in particular
  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission’s stakeholders
  • The economic and social policies of the European Commission and its stakeholders

SSM seminars are primarily intended for

  • Economists and analysts working in policy-making organisations
  • Academic researchers
  • Policy officers with an interest in economic and social analysis

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