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News 18/06/2010

Non-legislative Initiatives for Companies to Promote Gender Equality at the Workplace

On May 5 2010 the results of a European study - commissioned by DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities - investigating initiatives such as prizes, awards, labels, charters, rankings etc. targeted at promoting gender equality in businesses and organisations were presented.

The study aimed at:

  • Analysing and comparing the various types of initiatives to better understand their results, effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages as well as the benefits for companies
  • Taking stock of these initiatives in Europe
  • Identifying and highlighting good practices in the field of promoting gender equality

In this context, the conference presented good practice initiatives as well as hands-on experience and innovative gender equality measures of selected companies. Above all, the conference gave room for an extensive debate with experts and relevant stakeholders on future perspectives and further steps in promoting gender equality in the workplace.

The synthesis report conducted on behalf of the European Commission / DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities is available in the 'Related Documents' on this page.

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