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29/10/2009 Brussels

Poverty between reality and perceptions: the communication challenge

The 2010 European Year will affect a broad public as well as perceptions of poverty and exclusion.

Poverty between reality and perceptions: the communication challenge

To achieve this, it is essential that participants and the media engage in the 2010 European Year.

The conference on “Poverty: Perceptions and Reality - The Communication Challenge”, jointly prepared by the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Directorate-General for Communication, will bring together 400 participants and stakeholders in the fight against poverty and social exclusion including public decision makers, NGOs, journalists and researchers.

It will look at the role of communication in social inclusion policies from three different perspectives:

- By providing information on Europeans’ opinions on poverty and exclusion against the backdrop of the crisis, based on the new Eurobarometer survey;

- By examining how poverty and exclusion are handled in the media;

- By highlighting the responsibility of public authorities in the appropriate use of public communication tools to promote social inclusion.

A press conference by Commissioner ŠPIDLA and bilateral interviews with journalists are also scheduled.

This one-day conference will be preceded by a seminar for journalists working on social issues.

This seminar to foster exchange and training will enable:

- A presentation of the Commission’s strategy and tools for communicating on a social Europe;

- A practical exercise on how to tackle poverty and engage in dialogue with excluded persons;

- Reflection on Journalists and the Poor: How to Work Together?

Video Sessions:

Video Session 1 (EN)

Video Session 2 (EN)

Video Session 3 (EN)

Contact person:  MUHINA Jevgenija - Jevgenija.MUHINA@ec.europa.eu

Brussels, room De Gasperi (CHAR) - Brussels

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