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08/10/2008 - 09/10/2008 Brussels

Forum on Workers' rights and economic freedoms

On October 9th, the European Commission organised a Forum on Workers' rights and economic freedoms.

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Following the recent case law of the European Court of Justice on matters related to the posting of workers and more generally on the relationship between economic freedoms and fundamental social rights, the Forum will provide an opportunity to discuss the matters with a wide range of stakeholders, including political authorities, social partners, representatives of EU institutions and legal and economic experts.

The Forum should contribute to the necessary clarification of the application of the Community framework as regards the free provision of services and the legislation on posting of workers, and on the exercise of social rights against the background of increasing labour mobility. It should contribute, through an open debate, to a more shared vision of the issues at stake and help find solutions that avoid contradictions between fundamental economic freedoms and the protection of fundamental rights.


Please note that participation was by invitation only.

08/10/2008- 09/10/2008
Crowne Plaza Brussels, Rue Gineste 2, 1210 - Brussels

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