Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

22/06/2021 - 23/06/2021

1st online workshop of the Lithuanian PES Mutual Assistance Project 2021-2022

This online workshop launched the Mutual Assistance Project (MAP) in support of enhanced human resources management in the Lithuania PES, UZT.

Taking place in two half-day sessions on consecutive days, the event started by reviewing the current strategy, vision, aims and objectives of the Lithuania PES and the recommendations given to Lithuania from the recent PES Network benchmarking assessment.

The Lithuanian PES representatives benefitted from independent expert input on ‘human resource management models’ and staff ‘empowerment’ as well as three presentations of the approaches used by Actiris, the Brussels Region PES - including their ‘Employer Value Proposition’.

The 2nd online workshop of the Lithuanian PES MAP will be organised in autumn 2021.

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