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Specialised information

This section is designed to offer specialised information to people working with social security coordination rules, such as social security institutions, lawyers, judges, social partners and other experts.

  • EU legislation and agreements
    Provides an overview of EU legislation on social security coordination and its agreements with third countries. Includes links to download regulations and find further information.
  • Official documents
    Provides access to updated versions of Structured Electronic Documents (SEDs) and Portable Documents (PDs) as well as all the decisions, recommendations and other documents agreed on by the Administrative Commission for Social Security Coordination.
    Provides an overview of the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information system. Includes access to technical and other useful documents and to software downloads.
  • The Mobility Network of legal and statistical experts on free movement of workers and social security coordination is a network of independent legal and statistical experts on these topics. It provides the Commission with legal and statistical expertise via reports and ad hoc analytical support. The network is composed of two lots:
  • EU financial support
    Presents the new tool financed by the European Commission to support transnational actions promoting cooperation and information in the field of social security coordination.
    Presents the Mutual Information System on Social Protection (MISSOC) and provides access to its detailed, comparable and regularly updated information about national social protection systems.
  • European Platform to combat social security fraud and error
    The European Commission has financed a project to strengthen cooperation between National Contact Points and other public officials to combat fraud and error in the field of EU social security coordination. As part of this project, an online discussion platform was created. Access to the online platform is available free of charge to civil servants and employees of the competent social security institutions responsible for cross-border social security coordination.

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