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Accidents at work and occupational diseases

The following rules apply if you live and are insured in an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom and you suffer an accident at work or from an occupational disease.

Inform your insurance institution

You must inform your insurance institution when the accident at work occurs or when the professional disease is diagnosed for the first time. If you do not, your entitlement to benefits may be negatively affected. Each country has different rules, so ask your institution which steps you must take.
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Which country is responsible for your healthcare?

The country where you reside is responsible for providing all benefits in kind, e.g. healthcare and medicines. If you are not insured there, you have to ask your insurance institution for a DA1 document giving details of the accident or the disease. You must then present the DA1 to the competent institution of the country where you are living or staying in order to receive benefits there.
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Which country pays your cash benefits?

The country where you are insured is always responsible for paying your cash benefits in respect of an accident at work or an occupational disease.

Getting treatment abroad

If you wish to travel to another EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom specifically to receive treatment for an accident at work or an occupational disease, your insurance institution may not refuse to grant the required authorisation if the treatment you need cannot be provided within a medically justifiable time limit.
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