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The way invalidity benefits are calculated varies from one country to another within the European Union. There are two major methods of calculation when it comes to cross-border situations.

Calculation methods

  • Some countries apply a risk-based logic (type A legislation). There you are entitled to the same pension regardless of your periods of insurance, but you must be insured when the invalidity occurs. This calculation method applies only to certain schemes which are listed in Annex VI to Regulation 883/2004, i.e. schemes in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden.

  • All other countries apply a pro-rata method (type B legislation). This means that the invalidity pension is calculated on the length of your insurance period in each country: the longer you were insured before becoming an invalid, the higher your pension will be. Even if you weren't insured when becoming an invalid, you will still be entitled to a pension.

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Who pays your pension?

Therefore, if you have been insured in several countries before becoming an invalid, you will be in one of the following situations:

  • If you have only been insured under type B legislations, you will get a separate pension from each country corresponding to the periods of insurance you completed there.

  • If you have only been insured under type A legislations, and if this legislation is listed in Annex VI to Regulation 883/2004, you will only get a pension from the country where you were insured when you became an invalid.

  • If you have been insured under two or more type A and B legislations, you will receive a pro-rata pension from each of these countries.

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