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The following rules apply if you live and have worked in one or more EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.

Who pays your pension?

  • In each country, your insurance record is preserved until you reach the pensionable age.
  • Every country where you have been insured for at least one year will pay you an old-age pension, when you reach its national pensionable age
    For shorter periods see our frequently asked questions
  • For example, if you have worked in three countries, you will get three separate old-age pensions. 

How is your pension calculated?

Your pension will be calculated according to your insurance record in each country: the sum you will receive from each of these countries will correspond to the length of your social security coverage there. You will receive a Summary note (document P1) which will give you an overview of the decisions made by each country on your claim. 

Where should you apply?

Even if you have worked in several countries, you should apply for your pension in the country where you live, unless you never worked there. In the latter case, you should apply in the country where you last worked. 
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Retiring abroad

Your pension will be paid regardless of where you stay or reside within Europe (EU 27 + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland). For conditions in other countries see our frequently asked questions

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Other pensions

In general, the rules which apply to old-age pensions also apply to invalidity pensions and to pensions for surviving spouses or orphans.

More information

Check our frequently asked questions for further information on how to claim your pension, your healthcare rights, the pensionable age and other related issues.

State pensions abroad (Your Europe)

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