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EU Microfinance support - Become a microcredit provider under Progress Microfinance

Who is eligible?

Any public and private institutions providing microfinance loans and/or guarantees to self-employed individuals or micro-entreprise owners established in the 28 EU countries.

What are the benefits?

The opportunity to:

  • increase loan volumes and attract new customers
  • attract new investors from the private sector and make the shareholding structure more sustainable
  • develop pilots and benefit from economies of scale
  • adopt sustainable measures to promote employment.

What does it cost?

If applying for microcredit guarantees – no cost other than a potential commitment fee.

If applying for funded instruments – prices reflect market conditions and applicable reference rates, country and counterparty risk premium, competition, and expense coverage.

How to apply

To apply for microcredit guarantees (direct or counter-guarantees), reply to a call for expression of interest on the European Investment Fund website.

To apply for funded instruments (different forms of loans and equity investments) through a Special Investment Fund allowing microcredit providers to increase their lending activities towards (future) entrepreneurs, send an expression of interest to p.eriksson@eif.org at the European Investment Fund.

How are microcredit providers selected?

The European Investment Fund (EIF), which manages Progress Microfinance, considers:

  • compliance of applicant institutions with standard banking requirements
  • experience in microfinance
  • financial standing
  • financing capacity
  • operational capabilities
  • expected impact (e.g. volumes and geographical reach).

Further information – European Investment Fund website

Guarantees and funded instruments, including the application procedure (EN only)

European Progress Microfinance Facility (EIF site) (EN only)

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