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Rechte am Arbeitsplatz - Videos zum Thema

Länge :01:17 / Datum: Sep 2022

Over the past 40 years, the EU has taken action to limit all use of asbestos. The substance is banned in all goods produced in and imported into the EU since 2005. However, asbestos is still likely present in over 220 million buildings built before the ban. The European Commission proposes a series of actions to protect people and the environment from asbestos: 1.Better support to victims of asbestos-related diseases 2.Better screening of asbestos in buildings 3.Safe disposal of asbestos waste and zero pollution 4.Gathering and sharing data on buildings 5.Better health prevention and treatment and the removal of asbestos In addition, the Commission will significantly lower the existing limit for exposure of workers to asbestos and is working towards an asbestos-free future.

Das Video können Sie beim Audiovisuellen Dienst der Europäischen Kommission herunterladen.

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