Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Impact Assessment

The impact-assessment process structures and supports policy development. It identifies:

  • the problem at stake and the objectives pursued
  • the main options for achieving the objective and likely impacts on the economy, environment and society
  • advantages and disadvantages of each option and examines possible synergies and trade-offs.

Commission departments conduct their own impact assessments when launching important initiatives. All relevant stakeholders are consulted regarding problem definition, application of the subsidiarity principle, options and impacts, etc. Beforehand the Commission publishes a list of all planned impact assessments and related roadmaps along with its work programme.

For more information – including procedural rules, analytical steps, tools and guidance – see the EU impact assessment website (key documents).

The following are examples of impact assessments relating to employment, social affairs and inclusion:

  • Proposal for a Regulation on the European Social Fund
  • Proposal for a Regulation on the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived
  • Communication on a renewed commitment to social Europe - Reinforcing the Open Method of Coordination for Social Protection and Social Inclusion
  • Communication on a Commission Recommendation on the active inclusion of people excluded from the labour market
  • Initiative to support EU migrant workers in the exercise of their right for free movement
  • Revision of the legislative on the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services
  • Proposal for revising Directive 2004/40 on minimum health and safety requirements regarding exposure of workers to risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields)
  • Proposal for a Directive on the establishment of a European Works Council (recasting)
  • Proposal for a Directive on improvements in the safety and health at work of  workers who are pregnant, have recently given birth or are breastfeeding (amending Council Directive 92/85/EEC)

The full text of these and other impact assessments can be found on the List of impact assessments website.

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