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EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly Review – Summer 2016

EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly Review – Summer 2016

The review confirms an increase of the overall employment rate, for both the EU and the euro area – an increase representing 3 million more employed people in the EU than one year before. The overall long-term unemployment rate, at the other hand, decreased by 0.6 pp compared to a year before and stands now at 4.3% of the labour force. This is the largest reduction since the first decline in long-term unemployment observed in 2014. In addition, for the first time since the start of the economic recovery, the number of very long-term unemployed (unemployed over two years) dropped more strongly than the number of people long-term unemployed for less than two years. Finally, this season's edition also shows a continuous improvement and convergence among Member States regarding youth unemployment, which has decreased more strongly in countries most affected by the crisis.

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Catalog N. : KE-BH-16-002-EN-N

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