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European Day of Persons with Disabilities

European Day of Persons with Disabilities

The 2019 European Day of Persons with Disabilities (EDPD) was organised by the European Commission in partnership with the European Disability Forum (EDF), and with the support of Inclusion Europe and Autism Europe. It took place in Brussels on 28-29 November.

The EDPD is part of the EU’s wider efforts to raise awareness and tackle everyday challenges faced by Europeans with disabilities. The event brought together voices from a range of backgrounds with different expertise and stories to share. Policymakers, civil society representatives and equality advocates joined specialists and enthusiasts in sport to discuss ways to improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

The 2019 edition posed several vital questions: Has the current European Disability Strategy, due to expire in 2020, achieved its goals? What can be done better in future policy to meet expectations in the disability area? What can we learn from colleagues outside the EU? How can we achieve Sports for All? Finally, what about the winners of this year’s Access City Award?

This report elaborates on these questions and while providing an account of the main points and challenges highlighted by speakers and participants during the conference.

Catalog N. : KE-FA-20-001-EN-N

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